You will find premiums for Earthdog tests and for Practice Days here:

CTA November 2017 Premium

Spring Earth Dog Test  is April 14-15th.  We’re having a hamburger cookout Saturday evening at 5:30 at Steve and Lori’s house  – everyone welcome!  Please see details in the premium and RSVP cutoff section (it will help us plan for food amounts).  Bring chairs, BYOB and sides to share.  Also RSVP for our Saturday BBQ lunch, $10 all you can eat.  For those Master Titled dogs, we’re doing Hat Trick again and you can win Starbucks gift cards if your dog qualifies in ME, SE & JE in the same test.  Details are in the premium.  Call Lynn  Reagan-Hull at (919) 676-0983 with questions.
Spring Earthdog Practice Day is Saturday, April 7th, one  week before our Test             weekend) Please share this flyer with your club or other terrier/doxie friends               who might want to learn Earthdog.  Remember, we take all the time needed to              help your brand new dog learn from the beginning:  introduction to a rat in a                fenced enclosure, then progressing to going in a short above ground tunnel.               Then we progress to a dark in-ground tunnel and then all the way to the end.
It’s a process and few dogs do it the first couple times.  It takes training just like        with all dog sports – which is why we offer practice days since nobody has                    tunnels and rats in their backyard.  Hope to see you!  Senior & Master will not               start late morning, after IQ and JE end.